Flat Mia & Flat Sarah in Iceland!

Flat John, Thomas & Toby in Denmark!

Hi Class,
Sadly, Toby and his family were in such a rush that we couldn't keep up with them so we decided to stay home. When we got back, instead of a trip to England, we went on a nice trip to Hellerup Skole Park. Here are a few pictures:

Just chillin' in the baking sun

Posing for a picture



Maybe this ball is a bit too big for tennis?

Flat Toby in Brussels, Belgium

First of all I tried all 200 kinds of Belgium Beers....behind me is the one I liked most (Joking!):

I also tasted some lovely chocolate; the milk chocolate was the best. Behind me you can see Sinterklaas. He comes every year to The Netherlands and Belgium to celebrate his birthday on Dec. 5th in the Netherlands and Dec. 6th in Belgium. Sinterklaas gives presents to kids who behaved well all year. This is a huge celebration in both countries:

I have been reading many comic books like Urbanus, Suske and Wiske, Astrix and Oblix etc. These are all made in Belgium. 

Next, I hope to go to Budapest.

Flat Toby.

Flat Idunn in Norway!

Hi I am in Oslo enjoying the view of the morning sun!

The first winter frost:

A morning run in Oslo:

Flat Filippa Visits Paris!

Flat Giulia in Italy!

Hello! We took Flat Giulia on a standup paddle trip for 5 days on Lago Maggiore in Italy. This picture was taken close to Maccagno.

Flat Toby in DR Congo!

Hello Everyone!
I am in the Democratic Republic of the Congo...here:


I took a flight from Kinshasa (the capital) to Lubumbashi, and we had a stop-over in Mbuji-Mayi. I took the picture there from the plane:

The pictures below were taken through the car windscreen, during a road-trip from Matadi (in the West of the country, Bas-Congo) on the way back to Kinshasa (in a village called Kwilu-Ngongo):

Road-side market in Mbanza-Ngungu, where my Congolese colleagues bought fresh fruit (bananas for frying) and vegetables (en route from Matadi to Kinshasa):